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The vision for Mint to Be was given to Sharee by God while she was living in Okinawa, Japan. At the time, she was surrounded by many women who had suffered from postpartum depression, were not sure of their worth, and just had given up on hope; she knew it was time to provide services for women. When she moved back to the United States in 2018, she started doing extensive research on resources for mothers in the Charlotte metro and surrounding areas. After suffering from postpartum depression with her 2nd child, she knew it was time to birth the nonprofit organization and be an advocate to provide the mothers with resources. Her quest to bring hope to women that suffer from postpartum became an organization, Mint To Be. She offers services through workshops, seminars, education, counseling, and to celebrate mothers that need that support system. Her motto is “through perseverance, motivation, and support, and you can do anything possible.” 

Board of Directors

Azaria Headshot.jpg

Azaria McDaniel

East Carolina University Intern


Lauren Holland

JCSU Intern


Nicole Prah-Ennin

Postpartum Counselor

Jael Eaves.jpeg

Jael Eaves

Volunteer Coordinator


(704) 572-1557


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