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Support Us



We can’t do this work without our incredible volunteers. Our volunteer needs always vary-where it’s an event, committee action or an ongoing set of hands. 


Current Needs Include:

Fundraising/Event Planning Committee (on-going).

Assisting with organizing and sorting donations.

Mom-to Mom Mentor Program



What can you do? 

……for the mother and her children. 


Every Dollar makes an impact. 


  • $25 can provide a case of diapers or a case of wipes for an under-resourced family. 

  • $50 can provide postpartum recovery supplies and feminine hygiene products, or a hot meal to a family in need without the support. 

  • $150 can provide doula support for a mother in need. 

  • $1000 can provide a full-8 week of sessions or postpartum counseling for a mom in need. 

  • $2000 can provide a full- 18 week sessions of professional financial literacy sessions from a professional financial advisor for a mom in need. At the end of this session this mom will have a new bank account opened and with savings to begin her financial freedom.


“Making an impact one mother at a time”

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